Odysseus ERP Main features

Integrated Software

Odysseus ERP is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Sotware



Different permissions per user

Maximize your profit

Optimize your processes and maximize your profit

Reports and analytics

Check out reports from your sales and analytics for your production

Traceability – Lot Management


Compliance with national and international standards, regulations and laws

Comprehensive lot management & traceability of the final product and collection of all the necessary information to prove its identity, since its entry in the production chain till the delivery of products and goods

Consumer confidence in your products


Unique Solution for stations in weighing points in the reception areas, the handling areas, production facilites and sales areas

Print labels

for marking products, custom designed by code and client

Automatic lots creation

during the reception, also registering all their data

OnLine connectivity

and update of purchases and sales with Odysseus ERP


Seperate customers' orders

depending on the products that each facility serves

Odysseus Stater

Odysseus ERP accompanies your every step

Since ordering, receiving and warehouse management to processing, handling and sales, Odysseus ERP supports you and makes sure you do not make costly mistakes.


Order to supplier

⇒  Manual entry

⇒  Automatic entry through file from the representative

⇒  Registration of the loading from the slaughterhouse or other facility

Receiving area

Automatic Batch creation & Labelling

⇒  Weighing & detailed registration

⇒  Automated stock availability updates

⇒  Procurement logistics update

⇒  No more papers…



⇒  Invoice Value

⇒  Costs incurred on goods (shipping & transportation, bank charges, etc.)

⇒  Cost allocation to goods

Processing, Handling & Production

⇒  Integration of all production facilities in Odysseus ERP for maximum automation

⇒  Custom design of labels per code

⇒  Standard BOMs

⇒ Labelling according to international barcode standards (GS1-128)


Updated warehouse stock

⇒ Stock along with its cost

⇒  Batches / Traceability

⇒  ERP is online updated after each transport

⇒  Multiple warehouse & storage facility management


⇒  Execute order straight on the production line

⇒ Direct sale on weighing stations (Odysseus Stater) & mobile PDAs (Odysseus Mobile)

⇒ Pricing Policies, Discounts Management

⇒  Sales statistics


Retail distribution

⇒  Orders from shops, provisioning

⇒  Retail goods management (design barcodes, price, ingredients, etc.)

⇒  Update POS systems, retail shop weighing scales

⇒  Update ERP with each retail shop sales

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